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Are you ready to write for us?

With MoBazar becoming a well-known travel blog writer and web super star can be a reality.

You are qualified if:

  • You are a digital wanderer or a travel addict who enjoys to check out
  • Your journeys have actually brought you to locations everywhere
  • You write qualitative content that is amazing to check out


Why should you write for us?

It’s rather basic, in fact.

MoBazar is a travel blog site about taking a trip for tourists who are trying to find excellent travel offers.


  • Let’s talk numbers:
  • Our explorers originate from 44 nations around Europe.
  • MoBazar page was gone to 528 328 times in March 2017.
  • The website was gone to by 5 602 740 people in 2015.
  • Additionally, you get a backlink from a high authority website.
  • If you have an amazing idea, taking a trip pointers or hacks to share– we have passionate tourists who would love to hear your story.



Our website visitors are passionate world explorers who are trying to find a reason to have a new experience, for an idea to make their journey more amazing and a hack to save some money.

It’s as if you would be writing on your own, right?

So make your story interesting for people like you:


  • Make it appropriate, make it actionable and fascinating.
  • If this is something that can make tourist’s life a bit simpler– it’s something that we would love to release.
  • The best ways to guides, 20+ ideas, 20+ tools, 20+ locations, 20+ eleventh hour, and so on– these are the subjects our readers would love.
  • The last thing web needs is another half-baked post. So the goal is 500– 1 500 words.
  • Make it SEO friendly– do your keyword research and appropriate on-page SEO optimization.